Jane Weaver

jane weaverWe can’t see under the surface, but great soil is filled with gazillions of microbes in certain species proportions, acting in concert to cycle nutrients for plants and each other in a manner perfected billions of years ago.

Plants began taking advantage of this system approximately one billion years ago, and are today struggling their best to thrive despite disruption of the soil microbiome and nutrient cycling. Detrimental practices further decrease soil capacity to store and radiate natural growth energies originating in the cosmos. If we are to survive, we must act in harmony with Nature, not against her.

Jane would love to help you support Natural processes in your own garden or farm by assisting you in these ways:

ASSESSMENT: move the biological condition of your soil and compost to optimum

AEROBIC COMPOSTING: with the support of Biodynamic preparations, creation and application of great and effective compost and compost tea

EDUCATION: Jane is happy to speak to groups on her favorite topics: Biodynamics, soil microbiology, composting, brewing compost tea, and several others.

Her personal website is www.jane-weaver.com

Email Jane @ janeweaver1618@gmail.com