How Lawns Can Benefit The Permaculture Garden

I can already hear the moans, groans, and naysayers about lawn grass in a permaculture landscape.  I used to be that way myself.  The mantra has always been, ‘get rid of all the grass, it’s non-productive, you can’t eat it, it has no value to wildlife, and it’s labor & resource intensive to keep’.

Some of this is true.  It can be labor intensive if you have too much of it.  It also has no food value, to humans at least.  But, it’s not non-productive to humans or wildlife.  To me, it makes sense to have a little lawn grass around. Continue reading “How Lawns Can Benefit The Permaculture Garden”

Stop Tilling Your Soil! Go No-Till

Farmers are giving up the plow and doing what’s best for the life of their soil. The wise ones are at least, as they’ve learned the benefits of no-till farming.

What’s Wrong With Tilling

First, you have to understand soil. Good soil is made up of complex organisms and structure, just like a human city. Tilling the soil is the equivalent of destroying a city with a nuclear bomb. All of the living organisms are destroyed or displaced, and the infrastructure is no longer usable. Just as people don’t thrive in bombed out cities, plants don’t thrive in a soil structure that’s been destroyed. Continue reading “Stop Tilling Your Soil! Go No-Till”

Permaculture Design Course in Ecuador?

cotacachiWould you like to take a Permaculture Design Course in beautiful Cotacachi, Ecuador at the base of 16000-foot Cotacachi volcano?  How about in temperatures in the 70’s with little humidity, in a USA winter.

I’m trying to get an idea of the interest in doing this 2-week intensive PDC in Ecuador next winter.  Prices and dates are still to be determined.

The location is incredible with mind-blowing vistas of the volcanos Imbabura and Cotacachi.

Garden beds are already in place and there is plenty of available space for course design implementations.  Participants could camp or stay in very inexpensive hostels close by in town.

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