Jim Smith


Jim Smith was a pioneer in organic gardening in Western North Carolina. He has been involved in organic gardening and farming since 1978. He was in organic landscaping for 22 years, had an herb growing business, and ran a retail business at WNC Farmers market for 15 years selling organic products and services. He farmed in South Carolina for 7 years, teaching classes, workshops and running the Sustainable Mountain Farming Program for four years. That program was a collaboration with ABTech Community College, and is now called ASAP, a NC Extension Service. Most recently Jim has been a farm/garden consultant.

Jim’s other accomplishments Include, but are not limited to:

◆ Co -founder – The Organic Growers School
◆ Founding Member – Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, at one time serving on the board
◆ Former Board Member – Sustainable Agricultural yearly conference (3 years)
◆ Former Board Member – SARE-PDP ( a four year term that developed training in sustainable agriculture for extension agents in southern US).
◆ Owner – Good Earth Organics, which did business in Costa Rica for 13 years, importing organic ginger and coffee to US

Jim has worked on farming and marketing programs in Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala, Zambia, Africa, and Cuba. He also has extensive experience working with soils, soil building amendments, cover cropping systems, green-housing, and other farm systems approaches. He has maintained a garden for over 40 years.
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