Compost in the Kitchen

ceramic-compost-keeper_eartheasyWe like to compost.  We compost all of our biodegradable kitchen scraps.  We’ve been doing this with an open plastic bowl, with no top, and no filter. This worked great, but it attracted fruit flies, which is a problem, because they cause other problems, by carrying harmful bacteria.

Recently, we invested in a nice countertop Ceramic Compost Keeper, with a lid and a filter.  We could have just put a lid on our cheapo composter but we wanted something nicer and more functional.

It has more room, controls odors with a charcoal filter, and keeps the fruit flies away.  We fill it up and then take it out to the big composting bin outside to spend a season or more breaking down into usable compost for the garden.

We feel this compost keeper was worth the investment and expect to get years worth of use out of it.  We don’t have a garbage disposal, and frankly feel it’s better to recycle our waste products whenever we can.


Squash With No Bugs!

squashI don’t know if this is just a coincidence, but I have one squash plant that currently has no bug issues.  Not that it is a major problem with my other squash plants, but they have bugs and this one doesn’t.   This plant happens to be growing in the middle of a creeping thyme patch.  Now I should say, it is a different variety than the others, but in the past, bugs have not discriminated between varieties.  They tend to like them all.

So, my conclusion is this.  Somehow, the creeping thyme is either disguising or discouraging the bugs from going after this squash plant.  I think it’s worth experimenting with more in the future with squash to see if this theory holds true.

I don’t know what variety this is because it was a volunteer.


My 2017 Soil Test

Looks like my soil is high in Phosphorus and Potassium. The recommendation is that I apply nitrogen fertilizer to bring these numbers down.  I won’t be using their 20-0-0 recommendation.  That’s for a synthetic fertilizer.  Organic alternatives for a quick fix would include, alfalfa meal, bloodmeal, feathermeal, cottonseed meal.  I don’t think I’ll do any of those since I’m not in a hurry to fix any plantings.  I’ll lay down some fresh compost in the fall to work its way in over the winter months.