Gardening With Nature Using The Science of Phenology

Phenology is the study of periodic plant and animal life cycle events and how these are influenced by seasonal and interannual variations in climate. The word is derived from the Greek phainomai (φαινομαι – to appear, come into view) and indicates that phenology has been principally concerned with the dates of first occurrence of biological events in their annual cycle. Examples include the date of emergence of leaves and flowers, the first flight of butterflies and the first appearance of migratory birds, the date of leaf colouring and fall in deciduous trees, the dates of egg-laying of birds and amphibia, or the timing of the developmental cycles of temperate-zone honey bee colonies. Source: Wikipedia


Prune Roses & Fertilize Lawns
when yellow Forsythia and Crocus start blooming

Plant Corn
when oak leaves are as big as squirrels ears

Plant Pansies, Snapdragons, and other hardy annuals
after the Aspens and Chokecherries leaf out

Plant Peas
when Daffodils begin to bloom

Plant Lettuce, Peas, and other cool weather crops
when lilacs have leafed out

Plant Beans and Squash
when lilacs are in full bloom

Plant Cucumbers
when lilac flowers have faded

Plant Tomatoes, Early Corn, and Peppers
when Apple Blossoms begin to fall and Flowering Dogwoods are in peak
and when Daylilies start to bloom

Plant Peppers and Eggplants outside
when Bearded Iris are in bloom

Plant Beets, Lettuce, Spinach, and Carrots
when Dandelions are blooming

Sow Morning Glories
when Maple trees have full sized leaves

Plant Potatoes
when serviceberry or Juneberries flower

Sow Cabbage and Broccoli seeds
when catalpa and mock oranges bloom

If Daisies appear
there is no Calcium near

Plant Peas when the Forsythia Blooms


Look for Morels about the same time that Redbuds & Spicebush begin to bloom, around March or April. When the Dogwoods finish blooming, morel season is over.


Grasshopper Eggs hatch
around the time purple Lilacs bloom

Eastern Tent Caterpillar eggs hatch
when the buds of crabapples and wild plums open

Mexican Bean Beetle larvae appear
when Foxglove flowers open

Squash Vine Borers appear
when Chicory is in flower