Stop Feeding The Birds!

If you have an insect problem in your garden, stop feeding the birds with bird feeders during the growing season.  Ask your neighbors to do the same.  We need birds to do what birds do naturally every day…hunt for food.  And, we want a large portion of that food to be insects.  You are doing your bug infested garden no good if you are intentionally drawing most major insect predators away from it.

For an insect infested garden, we need hungry birds and as long as they have a steady supply of bird feeders to eat from, why go after the insects.  In a world without humans, there are no bird feeders, there are only natural food supplies.  

Now granted, there are good and bad insects and birds are not discriminatory.  But, there are always far more bad insects than good ones.  That’s the nature of the predator vs prey world.  Predators tend to gravitate towards the largest area of food sources.  A large population (bad bugs) will be more attractive than a small one (good bugs).

 Also, stop killing, and start encouraging spiders, praying mantises, wasps, and other predatory insects.  They are the best defense against bad bugs.  It’s called integrated pest management or, letting nature take care of its own.

This should be a seasonal thing.  In the winter months, there are no insect problems and the birds could probably use a little help since we humans have wiped out most of their natural habitats and food supplies.  At this time, put out the bird feeders.  

If we stop feeding the birds during the growing seasons of the year, they will find other sources of food, including your garden damaging bug population. 

Starving, Skinny Birds!

cardinal on the bird feeder

Yesterday, we went to buy birdseed for our poor starving birds. We should have done it sooner, but we were remiss with the holiday season and all. The past week has been a tough one for the birds. Single digit temperatures are no fun for the birds any more than they are for humans.

So we bought them some seed, a mix of various seeds including black oil sunflower seeds, which the squirrels also love. 40 lbs of seed to split between the birds and squirrels.

We got it home and proceeded to fill the bird feeders. One of them had broken plexiglass on one side, which makes it unusable. I know who broke it. Last fall, we had a young black bear visit the feeders. They were empty then, but it didn’t stop him or her from batting it a few times to find out. So now we have one feeder until I repair the broken one. That one’s a favorite of the squirrels because it’s so easy to get into. They’ll appreciate that.

The first birds to show up, and so far, the only birds are the cardinals and the tufted titmouse, or is that titmice?

Sorry we kept you waiting for so long my bird friends. It won’t happen again.